Geo Ad Customizers: Why You Need to Utilize This Feature Today


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Geo Ad Customizers: Why You Need to Utilize This Feature Today

Geo Ad Customizers: Why You Need to Utilize This Feature Today

Creating multiple ad campaigns for multiple target areas can be costly and tedious. In today’s day and age, speed and efficiency are key to success of any kind. Google AdWords provides several Ad Customizers for marketers to use to define how they would like to reach out to potential clients and who they will specifically reach out to. All the Ad Customizers provided through AdWords are extremely beneficial, although there is one specific customizer that is greatly under appreciated:

Geo Ad Customizers.

Geo Ad Customizers allow you to create one ad campaign that automatically updates itself for several target locations around the globe. Sounds too good to be true, right? Let’s take a look at how this customizer works, according to Google’s AdWords Help site:

1. You must first define what attributes will be included:

  • You can download an excel document titled “Ad customizer data template” provided on the help site to get your feed started.

  • One attribute that is absolutely necessary, in order for this to work the way you want it to, is to create a Target Location column. Without this attribute, the geo ad customizer is ultimately pointless. You can find a list of all 98,000 possible target locations here and clicking on the “Open Table” tab.

  • You can also create other type of attributes to be more specific in your advertisements.

2. Next, you can define what targets you are aiming for:

  • The great thing about ad customizers is that you can remove all the target columns in your feed so that your customizers can be applied to everything on your account or you can add different target attributes so that your ad is focused on specific targets of your choosing.

  • When creating your ‘Location’ and ‘Target Location’ columns, you want to focus in on the ‘Name’ and ‘Canonical Name” columns in the table of possible target locations provided above. Copy and paste these columns into the template you have downloaded. Once your data sheet is completed to your liking, you can move on to the next step.

3. Lastly, upload your data sheet to the Business Data tab under Shared Library. \

  • Before your upload, look over your feed one last time to make sure all your attributes look correct. Make any and all corrections possible before the upload.

  • When you log into AdWords, go to the Shared Library tab and click on Business Data. To upload your feed to AdWords, you must click on the ‘+DATA’ tab and select ‘Ad customizer data’. At this point, you are able to name your feed and click upload.

The process in which you compile your feed into a data sheet is the hardest part of creating your ad customizers. Once the feed is uploaded to AdWords, the rest of the work is taken care of.

The benefits of this customizer include a decrease in CPA as well as an increase in CTR and click-conversion rates. You will also have more time to focus on other ad campaigns that may come along in the future. As a marketer, your secret weapon within AdWords is the Geo Ad Customizer in combination with other customizers to quickly and efficiently market to your intended targets, while also saving time and money.