Networking Sucks!


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Networking Sucks!!

No matter how good you are, no matter how many sales you've gotten, Networking Sucks! It just does, and I'll tell you why. You are a human being, subject to the laws of this world, and to time, you're given a finite amount of it, 168 hours a week to be exact. You sleep 6 hours a day, you'll have only 126 hours of time left. Networking takes a lot of time. Meeting people and shaking hands and handing out cards feels like an accomplishment sometimes, but, it's hard to create a consistency, and even more so, it's impossible to scale.

If you're successful at networking, you'll run out of time to network because you'll have too much work, until that work finishes up, and then, you'll have to get back to networking once again. This creates those Roller coaster financial situations, where there's no stability, and definitely no certainty month to month on how much you're going to make. If snow storms happen, if events get cancelled, if you just can't make it one day, or you get a flu, everything is relying on your ability to get out there and meet new people.

Networking is a horrible way to run a business.

Whether you're in Real Estate, or any other kind of business, you need automation. You need the ability to get new clients without you doing anything. Without this skill and without this ability, you're going to struggle in business.

Networking is a Horrible Way To Run A Business

The greatest breakthroughs in business and in life have been the processes put in place to automate things that once couldn't be automated. Businesses had no choice but to rely on door to door sales, or cold calling, or person to person networking to grow their business. The companies that succeeded, hired out this process to salesmen and grew off their backs as they continued to prosper and market.

However, the companies that grew the most, didn't rely on just salesman cold calling and knocking on doors, instead, these companies understood that they needed to be consistently and constantly marketing and aggressively marketing. And when the ability to send out sales letter arose, they began to do that. A salesman might be able to get a message out to 30 people a day, or 200 calls a day. But a mailing could reach tens of thousands in one day. But there was a cost to that that often ran in the thousands and todays in the tens of thousands.

But, the results often time, when done correctly, paid for themselves.

Because, as good as any person can be at meeting and greeting and building up their traffic sources, they are only one person, with the limitation of how many people they can meet at one time.

Direct Marketing, removes the barriers of networking, creates a traffic source that is measurable, scalable, and predictable. It is the ultimate process of growing a business.

The Results, Often Time, When Done Correctly, Paid For Themselves

But Direct Marketing has itself changed. In the age of Big Data and the ability to evolve and customize your message and segment your audiences to show them information only where they're at in the buying cycle, you can not only increase the amount of conversions you get for the money, but, build better relationships.

Today, it's not about sell, sell, sell, but give, give, and give some more. The fastest way to get people to buy from you is often times to give them information.

By creating a series of advertisements and messages, you can turn networking into a thing of the past, while creating a system that you are in control of. Systems like these are predictable, consistently, measurable, and most importantly, Scalable!

Today, it's not about sell, sell, sell, but give, give, give and give some more.