Three Steps To Endless Leads and Clients (Messenger Bot Tutorial)


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Three Steps To Endless Leads and Clients (Messenger Bot Tutorial)

Marketing is constantly evolving and changing and as that landscape changes, the more information and more value is needed to turn a stranger into a prospect, a prospect into a lead, and a lead into a client or a sale. Today, people are marketed to more than ever before in history. The cheapness and affordability of putting your marketing message out to the world, means that every business has the opportunity to get their message out there. This means that you have to evolve your messaging to meet your market.

It used to be that most businesses used a billboard approach to advertising.

With newspapers, radio, television, and magazine ads, you had a small window of targeting your audience, but your message was often times seen by people that were just as much not your target audience. But, nonetheless, even when you advertised that perfect fishing rod Bass Hunter magazine, you were still limited in how your messaging was related to that audience. If they bought from it, you'd have to directly message to them, in order to get them to buy more.

Today marketing is not only easier, but, offers the opportunity to customize your messages to people, where they're at on the specific path to buying. The problem that exists there is that, one, in order to continually customize your message, outside of email marketing, to your specific audience, you were forced to pay for each and every retargeting ad, and, then, even more annoyingly, you had to hope that your ad was engaging enough for people to take action.

Facebook, which is second only to Google Display Network in it's potential of putting an advertisement in front of people in your audience, and a far easier and simpler process at that, added a new avenue to marketing.

Facebook Messenger Ads are changing the game in what's possible in getting your message out to people.

More importantly, through Facebook Messenger Bots, you are able to create audience segmentation, like never before. And through bots, you're able to sequence out messages to your audience that speak directly to where they're at, what they're looking for, and how they're engaging with your marketing.

Imagine being a loan office, and knowing where people are at in the process of looking for a loan, in what information they need or want, on different types of time lines and schedules, and being able to immediately allow them to dictate the messaging you send them, so that you are talking to them, and placing advertisements in front of them that are completely relevant to their current needs and desires.

Facebook Messenger Ads are what email marketing was in 1997 or 2003, hugely relevant, constantly being opened, and most importantly, consistently responded to. With 113 Million Americans officially downloading the app on at least one of their devices, the opportunity to grow a network of people is unlike anything that's ever been. More than 60 Million people log on to Facebook every day, 30 Million people check their Facebook messenger at least once a week, 80% of Smartphone users check their phone before going to the bathroom, and over 3/4 of the time spent on the phone are spent doing things that aren't talking.

Communicating with messenger is communicating where people live and where people want to communicate. It allows you to send messages, daily, weekly, monthly, to your audience and get them to engage with you. But, like any tool, it's only as good as the user and it's only as useful if it's being used in the right way. If you use hammer to cut your steak, you're going to be disappointed.

Initially, many people hopped on the Messenger bandwagon and didn't know what to do with it, sending people directly to the messenger campaigns, and getting good enough results that they didn't question much, but, not the greatest results--or even close to the best results. And that was how the three step process was born.

See, marketing for many years has followed a very consistent path of educate, offer value, and get them to take action. These principles are sound, they still work, and they still generate leads. But, today, like everything, and like said above, Marketing is changing and is about catering to your audience.

So, what is the three step process.

1) Create an educational and entertaining article. Working with an English Company that helped people sell their backyards for profit, we created an article entitle, "How One Man Sold His Back Yard For 1 Million Pounds... and how you could be sitting on 100,000 of your own." You want sensationalism, while neither lying, nor exaggerating. Mixed within those online articles are then opportunities for them to join the first advertisement of the messenger bot.

2) The Lead Ad Campaign- Once the article is created and done correctly, generating clicks at .50 cents or less (and as low as .10 cents a click) become easy, and that means getting a lot of data. This means that retargeting ads become even more profitable (what is a retargeting ad you might be wondering? A retargeting ad are the same advertisements you see popping up around the internet after you click on a site and look at something... it's simply a way of segmenting the audience who has engaged with your previous material.) The first ad created is always targeted to the viewers of the articles. The second ad is broad and to the audience of the article. The reason this is done is to give two different messages and catch the audience on each possible path of their journey.

The key to consistent and sustainable marketing is always making sure ads are placed directly where people are in the group.

3) Messenger Ad retargeting. Some people just want to talk and they want to do it without much commitment. This is the hallmark of what messenger ads do. They allow people to talk without a great deal of commitment. The old adage is right, no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. And in this new age of marketing, this is more important than ever. People want information, they want questions answered, and they often times don't want to feel like they're signing up to be harassed or browbeaten to take action. This is what makes messenger ads so amazing. It's intimate, it's straightforward, and most of all, it's non-committal in many ways.

When these three tools are running, leads pour in, communication is open, and actions are taken.

But, let's talk about the real hallmark of this new relationship building tool. That is the segmentation ability. Every audience has sub audiences. If you're a chiropractor, some people might suffer from back pain, or neck pain, or sciatica, or... while the list can go on and on. Instead of just building a relationship with them, you give them the opportunity to identify themselves, and tell you exactly what information they're most intrigued about immediately, and what you should be talking to them about.

This way, you speak directly to your audience. From Real Estate, to Mortgages, to Insurance, to a family restaurant, the opportunity to know exactly what it is that most interest your audience, and send them specific messages is going to transform the business world.

Post written by Clarence Oliver, Lead Strategist of Spotlight Revenue