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The Story Behind SPARK

Every business starts with a Spark, that initial thought or idea, that maybe (Yes, just maybe), that idea or product or service is something that people may want or need.

As any business owner or leader knows, that initial inspiration eventually starts dimming down, as the struggles of growing a business begin to set in.

The SPARK Growth Program (formally known as Spotlight Acquisition) was created and designed specifically for businesses that are looking to bring the "Spark" to (or back to) their business.

Our SPARK program, is built to not only generate new potential clients, but to qualify them and book them into appointments.

Allowing the business owner to do what they do best, TAKE CARE OF THEIR CLIENT'S NEEDS.

We originally started the SPARK program for different industries, but as we continued to do our market research, there was one specific industry that seemed to need our help more than most... Roofing & Home Services.

What we had learned, was that too many roofing companies (big and small) had been taken advantage of by lead generation companies that would sell them leads claiming they were exclusive, and then turn around and sell the same leads to every other company in the area.

The other issue we had found was that too many company's would sell contact information of homeowners - claiming that the homeowner was looking for an estimate when they were only browsing.

So we listened, and we built the SPARK Program around the core elements that one in the Roofing Industry needs to create new opportunities and drive in more clients.






& Contact homeowners

4.Close deals & Gather feedback

1.Set Up

3.Qualify & Book Appointments

On Average, 80% of all of our Appointments turn into Estimates.

100% of our Roofing Appointments, are Completely Exclusive to the partner we have in that area.

All of our appointments are guaranteed so you don't have to waste time chasing homeowners.


We know that exclusivity is commonly a loose term in the Roofing and Home Services industry.  That is why we take it so seriously.  When we secure a partner for a territory, we do not work with any other partners in that area.  We also make sure that every appointment we book, the home owner knows what company and representative is coming out to give the estimate (as you will hear in the audio recordings).


"Mark was honest with me from the beginning about how their program works.  After the set up was completed, it was like the floodgates opened, and our calendar filled up. We have met some great clients because of their program.  I love the fact they work only exclusively with companies." - Mike G.

Mike G. 

New Construction, President

"The whole Spotlight Revenue Team has stayed in contact with me every step of the way, addressed any issues and has focused on delivering what they promised.  I highly recommend if you're looking to grow your business" - Bruce R.

Bruce R.

Greener Shingles, CEO


Because we value transparency so much, here is a look at the Terms in our Agreement.