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Your Machine for Automatic Client Acquisition

The Process

2 Week Setup

Free Trial


Month 1


Month 2


Month 3

The Method

Lead Generation

Create multiple ads to test the market.​



Develop unique and individual leads for your business.


Target and test (demographics, interests, industries, etc).


Utilize multiple platforms (Youtube, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc).

Automated Followup

Whenever a new lead enters the system, they are greeted with a beautiful email and a video text message (directly to their phone) inviting them to book their appointment.

If a lead does not book an appointment during their first day of them signing up, they will receive multiple touches throughout the week(s) with different texts, emails and phone calls to keep your company top of mind.

As the list continues to grow, it will allow you to promote other offers or just to keep in contact with all of your clients and leads directly to their phone.

Appointment Administrator

A dedicated Administrator for your account to contact every lead and book them into appointments.

Adding an extra Human Feel to your new clients before they even enter your door.


It's like having an extra secretary for your office focus only on bringing in new clients.​​

Cost Optimization & Retargeting

As the system runs we hone into your highest converting clients.

Then as we continue to send you new clients, we gather feedback on them to hone in on the perfect type of people you like to do business with.


The more and more the SPARK system continues to run, the lower and lower the cost per lead goes.


We pixelate massive audiences, which allows us to create/find new markets to work with while staying in front of those that haven't signed up yet.

From 0 To 100

Total You Health was a start-up that we worked hand in hand with, bringing together the very system we’ve started to bring to businesses across the globe.  As they introduced a brand new product in PBM Therapy to their community, we ushered in visibility, credibility, and waves of clients to their doorstep. 


As we developed the system more and more, we developed a better and faster way of getting results for Total You and for other clients.


Over 100 leads a month... Just listen to what Linda Bailey, owner of Total You Health has to say. 

A Health Center Grows and Helps Its Community

The System Works Regardless Of Industry: 

Alexander St. James

Listen to James Alade talk about how we helped his company start producing leads for $5,000 to $10,000 deals. 

St. Pierre is a cosmetology school that we helped get over 30 student interviews in just the first month. 

St. Pierre Academy

ASAP Fitness

Or hear from Demetri from ASAP Fitness and how we got him 20 new clients in just 6 weeks.  Now he is actually opening up his own facility!!

Greener Shingles is a Canadian-based Roof Rejuvenation company that we have helped generate new Dealers for with amazing results.  We have generated 200+ interested business owners in the roofing, window cleaning and other home improvement industries.  Bruce doesn't love being on the camera, but did want to give recommendation!

Greener Shingles

Are you ready to boost your sales with us?

3 years of witnessing business mistakes and 3 years of designing solutions.  Read what your business needs to Thrive in 2019 here: